ProSolution Gel F.A.Q.

How can a lube do anything to help keep an erection?
ProSolution Gel™ works because it's not just a lube! It's a smooth, silky gel that is formulated in a special way to allow its ingredients to penetrate. Instead of taking a pill that has to work its way through your whole body before it can work, ProSolution Gel™ penetrates instantly right at the site of the action, and gives you the effect you want. Bloodflow is instantly increased and sensations are revved up. It keeps working even after you apply it to maintain a\ solid, hard erection.

Will it make my penis bigger?
Because ProSolution Gel™ brings more bloodflow to the penis, your erection will feel bigger, fuller and larger in length and girth. In other words, though it won't make your penis grow, you will absolutely reach your full potential.

Can I use this product to prevent premature ejaculation?
Yes! We get feedback every day from men who use ProSolution Gel™ specifically to prevent early ejaculation. With this product, you'll have more complete control of every sexual situation.

Won't it be greasy or messy?
No! You'll love the feel of this product. It's a gel, so it quickly warms and spreads in a very pleasurable way without leaving any sticky or oily residue behind. This completely revolutionary formula has been given the thumb's up by female partners, too.

Is it safe to use with condoms?
Absolutely. ProSolution Gel™ will not damage or weaken condoms in any way.

Why wouldn't I just take a pill like Viagra?
ProSolution Gel™ is a topical, transdermal product -- which means you can apply it and get the results you want within seconds. Pills take much longer to work their way into your system. Also, as an all-natural product, ProSolution Gel™ has no side effects and no potential for stomach upset. So while prescriptions may be something you want to use to treat erectile dysfunction, ProSolution Gel™ is a wonderful, instantly effective boost to your erection and performance.

How fast does it work? How long does it last?
ProSolution Gel™ is formulated to penetrate the penile tissues and go to work to create the effects you want within 60 seconds. The effects last throughout your sexual session. Of course, if you're up for more action or want to go all night, you simply apply more. There is no way to over-do ProSolution Gel™.

Why does it cost more than regular lube?
ProSolution Gel™ contains pure, natural extracts of fine botanicals plus high-quality nutritive ingredients, which actively improve your performance. That's something ordinary lube doesn't offer, and naturally, these top-notch ingredients cost more. You'll agree after one application that it's worth every cent.

What if I don't like the product?
ProSolution Gel™ is 100% guaranteed. If you don't experience better erections and a more firm, full feeling, plus better staying power and an overall better sexual experience, return the product for your money back. Take a look at the guarantee page for more detail.