How Does ProSolution Gel Work?

The key to this great product is in the natural ingredients that are proven to make men more potent... PLUS the breakthrough new way ingredients are formulated into this gel so all the active ingredients can penetrate right through the skin - instantly - to give you the results you need, fast.

All you do is stroke your penis with the ProSolution Gel™, and the effects start immediately!

  • Full-power erection within seconds, no matter what stress or other outside factors (like alcohol consumption) are present
  • Increased blood flow to the genitals
  • Stronger, unstoppable desire YET with total control
  • Tingling, tantalizing continuous arousal

Guys, you need to make the most of every sexual situation you're in. Why waste an opportunity with lack of confidence or some fluke erection failure? You can have complete control every time with ProSolution Gel™.